For his groundbreaking first solo CD, Willy assembled 40 players, from India’s master musicians to American virtuosi Howard Levy and Paul Wertico, to produce (with Warren Senders) what Rolling Stone called “...a many-layered fusion of folksong-writing, social criticism, as well as eastern wisdom, of Irish, Indian, and Caribbean blasts – all with disarming innocence”. More Info...

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HOME; Songs of Immigrants,
Refugees and Exiles

After the critical success of ‘Live for the Moment’, Schwarz teamed up again with Senders to produce an even stronger expression of his brilliant polycultural sensibility. ‘HOME’ is a powerful cycle of songs reflecting the hopes and dreams of particular individuals; an old man’s nostalgia for the village culture of his youth, a dishwashing Mexican migrant’s lament, the reflections of an émigré taxi driver, or Schwarz’s own retelling of his parents’ immigration from Italy to the United States. Whether the material is personal or political, it’s superbly played by an all-star group of musicians, including Howard Levy, Matt Darriau, Bob Lucas And Kalyan Pathak. More Info...

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2. Taxi
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METAMORPHOSES and other plays directed by Mary Zimmerman

Willy Schwarz’s long involvement with theatre music is encapsulated in this soundtrack to the long-running Broadway hit Metamorphoses, for which he received the prestigious Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Music in a Play. Employing a flotilla of exotic as well as familiar instruments, Schwarz’s exquisite soundscapes have contributed much to the success of Ms. Zimmerman’s productions, including The Odyssey and The Baltimore Waltz (co-composed with Miriam Sturm and Michael Bodeen) which are also represented here. More Info...

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The Jewish People, scattered across continents for 2000 years, developed as many different musical styles as the lands in which they settled, yet remain united through the texts of the Bible and the yearly festival cycle . Willy takes the listener on a journey through time and space, singing in 9 different languages, playing 24 authentic instruments, and retracing the musical sources of the Jewish Diaspora. From the archaic strains of an Ethiopian fiddle to a merry Irish ditty, from the mystics of Yemen to the shepherd’s pipe of the Asian steppes, from the yearnings of the Jews of the Malabar coast of South India to those of the Hassidim of Eastern Europe; Rarely has one artist painted so deep a portrait with so broad a palette. More Info..

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4. Rang
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Willy has brought together 10 musicians from all over the world – each of whom live in Bremen, Germany – to form an absolutely unique ensemble. The musical traditions are represented in their pure form, and yet as immigrants, each has a statement to make, delving deep into their roots and offering up pieces which reflect their experience living in a new homeland. Masterfully arranged and recorded, this CD is a living testament to the ability of humans to literally "harmonize" together. More Info...

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Willy Schwarz released his last album of original songs in 2001. His latest collection, "Love is a River" is well worth the long wait. Willy's oldest friend Bob Lucas, himself a master singer, instrumentalist and songwriter, said of it:

"Just played your cd. It is, as has all your work  been all your life, full of courage and beauty. I love the feel of it all. Unafraid to put the grit to the wheel and still sublimely lyrical and full of musical substance.   Thanks so much for sending it here."

another old friend wrote;
"It almost might almost be worth it, not being in touch with you for such a long time, to receive this amazing, beautiful, heart wrenching CD.   You might have called it “river of tears”, because I could not stop crying almost at every song.  And how you started many of them, sometimes from a place of sadness, sometimes from despair and then broke through with joyful music and lyrics.  I loved every single song and especially, 
”Time on your Hands” – seems to me, you should have a big commercial hit with that one, with all the grown up baby boomers.  We’re all in that zone now "
More Info..

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